The Armor of the Footballer – Choosing Shoulder Pads

Follow these steps, not in a rushed manner, to make sure your measurements are as accurate as possible.

1. Fully extend your arms above your head. Note any abnormal movements or expressions of pain during this test as it could alert you to a potential or existing shoulder problem.

*If any exist, please consult a physician before pushing forward.

2. Stand erect with your arms at your sides. Measure across the back from where you can feel the shoulder bone on one side to where the bone ends on the opposite side (shoulder to shoulder). Then, round up to the next half inch and record the dimension. * This measurement must be yearly, or upon noticeable increase in weight or body size.

3. Once you have your shoulder measurement (from Step 2), select the pad correctly sized to the shoulder measurement.

4. Place the shoulder pad on the shoulders and ufbet ราคาค่าน้ำ confirm that the edge of the strip pad lines up with the measuring point on the shoulder. After confirming the edge location, adjust the elastic body straps so the shoulder pad stays in place during movement.

5. Check to see that the neck opening is not too tight (can cause pinching) or too loose (exposes the clavicle).

6. Check to see that there is adequate coverage of the sternum and pectoral muscles in front.

7. Check to see that the scapula (shoulder blade) is covered by the shoulder pad and not exposed in back.

*If any doubt or question exists as to proper fitting, then be sure to select a different brand or, try similar styles provided by the manufacturer.


* Collarbone is adequately covered by top portion of arch area

* Neck opening is adequate