Roger Clemens-Jose Canseco Connection

MLB ex-star Jose Canseco may be involved in the ongoing Roger Clemens perjury case. IRS investigators are said to want to interview Jose Canseco with concern to the Roger Clemens fiasco.

The saga continues, with now Jose Canseco of all people involved in the Roger Clemens story. Jose Canseco, who helped begin the era of steroids in MLB, is now being called upon to again shed light from the dirty hole that is steroids and HGH. Canseco, a pariah at one point in MLB circles, will only infuriate MLB further. He does not care, and enjoys the publicity his participation brings. He has always been an attention monger, so he seems in his element.

Jose Canseco is now the elder D-bal max reviews statesman for the issue of steroids with concern to its influence on MLB and MLB culture. Roger Clemens, all of a sudden the poster boy for bad behavior in the MLB, awaits his fate as authorities have a beat on his fastball, unlike the MLB batters that could not keep up with his juice (alleged).

This will be a long and winding road, destined to have more twists and turns than a Stephen King novel. MLB will be dragged through the dirt again, not that it doesn’t deserve it, but in the end it will be Roger Clemens’ name that will be dirtied, and not MLB. How MLB survives all this without as much as a scratch in its bank account is amazing. It shows that people really do dig the longball, juiced or not.