Portrait Of A Ukrainian IT Specialist

Eastern Europe, and Ukraine specifically, has involved one of the main situations in the IT rethinking. The primary appeal of programming engineers from this nation is that their hourly rate is somewhat low, their abilities and instruction level are extremely high, and they have a unique disposition to work – they care for what they make. Yet, what’s the picture of an IT individual from Ukraine? We should draw it number by number, with the assistance of some intriguing details.

– In the event that a leisure activity is actually the best work one can get, programming engineers are cheerful individuals, since 69.3% of them called data innovation the essential enthusiasm of their lives. The nearest leisure activity to move toward IT is writing, which 56.7% called one of their principle advantages. 53.9% are film fans, 43.9 are attached to voyaging, 41% are music darlings. These leisure activities are trailed by different sorts of sports, including wellness, bike sports, swimming, football, tennis and so forth

– 83% of IT experts live in urban areas with populace more than 1 million – this implies urban communities with the greatest specialized colleges. The three most extravagant urban communities in this regard are Kiev (45%), Kharkiv (16%), and Lviv (10%).

– Just 34% of respondents own a vehicle. 92% live in the span of one-hour distance from work, so maybe a vehicle is a sad need for them, taking into account every one of the bustling roads and traffic.

– 90,2% of the overviewed IT individuals work on all day positions at organizations, inclining toward composed software cinema and agreeable cooperation to outsourcing.

– 91% of IT experts are men, and 87% are from 22 to 34 years of age.

– 53% of respondents are hitched, yet 74,6% don’t have youngsters yet. 49% of individuals don’t have their own residences, accordingly they lease them.

– With respect to pets, 63.5% have none. Felines are the most well known pets, with 22.3% being proprietors. 6% of IT individuals have a canine, and other well known pets incorporate fishes, parrots, chinchillas, and bunnies.

– 57% respondents expressed that they don’t plan to leave abroad for an enduring timeframe. 28% arrangement extremely durable home abroad. 7% of IT individuals need to travel abroad for about a year, 5% – for quite some time, 3% need to remain there for a more drawn out time frame.

– We might want to finish up this with the critical models of picking some business. For 84.3% of Ukrainian IT individuals compensation matters, 51.9% worth chances of self-awareness and instruction at work. 30.8% like helpful area of the workplace. 46.2% require open to working circumstances, 15.5% really focus on the picture of the organization. Last yet not the least – 66.8% lay load on potential chances to chip away at fascinating ventures, which additionally shows energy for their work.