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Mahjong is an old Chinese game from the past. It is played with set of dices made of bone, wood as well as plastic resin and ivory. The dices are divided in three categories. The first set in his online game contains suit tiles. The tiles are all decorated with dots, lines and characters. These tiles look like the deck of cards. each set of suit tiles included in the game contains four sets of 9 dots as well as four sets of nine characters tiles, and sets of 9 lined tiles. Additional special tiles can be used in online games of Mahjong. One tile referred to as the honor tile includes three dragon tiles. Each dragon’s color is the colors of green, red, and white colors, in turn. The white colored tile that is used in this game is often depicted as the blank tile. There are four other sets of tiles that can be found in the game. These are known as wind tiles. Each of them represent a particular direction of North, South, East and West.

The primary goal of this game of a long time called Mahjong is to make winning hands in four sets that have 3 tiles. The sequence of the game may start from the bamboo, circle or a character. It may also start with a triplet of tiles. A winning hand is comprised of 14 tiles. Beginning players will have to deal with 13 tiles. They could make a [pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426] massive winning hand by creating the Mahjong wall, and then discarding sets of competitors. While playing , one tile needs to be taken out of the game in exchange of drawing one. The winning hand ceases when the player has reached the Mahjong wall. Through understanding the rules and strategy of the game, one can easily conquer his opponents.

Certain sets of Mahjong games depict tiles with themes of seasons, winter water falls, spring, the summer and spring seasons. These game sets may differ from each the other, but they comprise 136 tiles. Some sets could even contain the number of tiles to 144. These are actually special decks of playing cards. They are all over line and the games sound like they are designed to be traditional. Today, online free Mahjong games are available to play. It’s amazing to see the game which is almost 4000 years old has been transformed into an online video game. It’s been played successfully across generations of China up to our modern times. It is now on the marketplace in various varieties, such as American versions, Taiwan version, Japanese version, and Vietnamese version.