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If you want to get a dog obedience training video program so you can train your dog at home, how do you know which one is the best? There are a lot of options so I wondered about that. After reviewing some of the best programs I could find, my favorite is Dove Cresswell’s Dog and Puppy Training Online. Dove Cresswell is famous for being the “dog trainer to the stars.” As she really knows what she is doing, she has been hired to train dogs for many movies and television productions. If the entertainment industry uses her for her expensive projects, you’ll know that her methods must really work very well.

Dove’s video training program is divided into 7 easy-to-follow modules. The modules progress in a logical way, beginning with the house training of her new puppy. Next, she will learn how to teach her puppy the most basic dog obedience exercises. She will learn the right way to start training her puppy early, so she can become the great 안전놀이터 pet she’s always wanted.

Dove’s well-designed program follows the natural progression of the stages your dog will go through as he matures, so Dove will teach each lesson at a time when your puppy is most ready for it. Dove’s technique features use only positive training techniques: no yelling, hitting, or harsh punishment is used.

Dove teaches you the correct vocal tones to use and the correct attitude and body language to have in order to communicate with your dog in a way they can understand. You’ll get a look at dog psychology and how you can use your new understanding of a dog’s point of view as a tool for better training results. By learning these correct techniques, you will in turn avoid making costly mistakes that would otherwise end up hurting your dog’s training efforts.

You’ll learn a few different training methods for different exercises, in case your dog doesn’t respond easily to one style of training. Dogs, being just like people, each learn a little differently, so your training needs to be flexible enough to reach even the most difficult-to-train dog.

In addition to a beautifully presented video dog training program, Dove also offers a few other incentives for her customers. In addition to free email consultations to help you resolve any particular dog behavior or training issue, Dove also offers several additional e-books.

Additional eBooks include:

1. An e-book that teaches you the best way to get your dog to fetch.

2. An e-book on how to play soccer with your dog. My own dog loves soccer, as a goalkeeper she is excellent.

3. An e-book on how to play “Hide’N’Seek”, another fun game to play with your dog. My dog ​​finds me no matter how far I hide, incredible.

4. An e-book on dog sports: More and more organized dog sports events are becoming very popular with dog owners.

4. An e-book on how to earn your dog’s respect (be the alpha dog) and attention needed for best training results.

5. A report on how to choose the right type of food for your pet. It turns out that many commercial dog foods are not very nutritious or healthy for our dogs.