Calorie Intake For Muscle Mass

Eating for muscle mass is often an overlooked as less important than pumping iron at the gym. A lot of newbie weight lifters are too concerned with hitting the gym rather than plan a diet that is solely concentrated on providing their muscles with much needed nutrition. They fail to realize eating the right foods is vital in their quest for packing on that muscle mass.

Below you will find some tips I have acquired over the years given to me by professional nutritionists that has seen the required results.

Gradually increase your calorie intake. It is quite a simple equation, if you eat more calories you’ll gain weight and vice-versa. To avoid the weight gain turning into fat, you need to the Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer right things combined with the right weight training. This will ensure the fat turns into muscle. 2500 calories a day is the average amount of calories a man can take into to remain the same weight. So try upping the your calorie intake to 2,900 or 3000 day. Don’t go crazy and think to gain big muscles you need more of a calorie intake. Some of the calories you intake will be burned off during your workout session and the rest should be turned into muscle. This should see your weight steadily gain with the right amount o muscle being added.

Obviously it all depends on your natural body type but using the above techniques will see the steady weight gain raise by 1kg a month. This is the perfect weight gain amount, not too much and not too slow a rise.